Stuttgart, 9 July 2019 – Berlin-based Capital Bay GmbH (CapitalBAY) is launching its own procurement management company. CapitalBAY takes over Suedroh GmbH from Stuttgart, which has been importing promotional products and consumer goods from the Far East under the WIDE brand for almost 40 years. The product range comprises more than 300,000 articles. With immediate effect, all purchasing orders for the CapitalBAY Group as well as for third parties will be bundled and handled by CB Procurement Management GmbH. The CB Procurement team consists of specialists with decades of experience in procurement and purchasing.

With the takeover and the new location in Stuttgart, CapitalBAY is expanding its presence in Germany and now employs around 190 staff at eight locations (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Lübeck, Nuremberg and Stuttgart).

“As a strategic purchaser, CB Procurement GmbH procures all the goods we need to equip our properties – from standard to exclusive products. This secures goods of higher quality at a significantly higher cost efficiency. Property-related across the entire portfolio orders also simplify the entire purchasing process,” says George Salden, CEO of CapitalBAY.

CB Procurement GmbH is always looking for the best available price worldwide. The company uses just-in-time delivery to reduce warehouse and idle capacity costs.

Address of the new Stuttgart office location:

CB Procurement Management GmbH
Neue Weinsteige 40
70180 Stuttgart